House of Jack has got a rollercoaster ride of Bonuses and Promotions for the new signee; first of, you’re welcomed to the online gaming spot with an impressive $1,000 as a Welcome Bonus, along with 200 Free Spins o the slot machines. You can use your free cash on the Video Slots, Top 12 Slots, New Games, Classic Slots, Roulette and Blackjack to your heart’s desire; as well as many more games. By the way, those Free Spins we talked about earlier? They’re known as “Zero Wager” Free Spins here at House of Jack, which means you can use them with no obligation and no money down! This is how the Welcome Offer breaks down:
  • Deposit 1: you can put in a maximum of $500 in order to receive a 100% Match Bonus plus the 200 Zero Wager Free Spins.
  • Deposit 2: For this one, you get 50% on any amount up to and including $300.
  • Deposit 3: For this final offer, you receive a full Match Bonus of 100% for a deposit of up to $200
You get all of your Free Spins right away; there’s no requirement to contact the casino and request them as you might find with other online gaming spots. An important note: there’s a cap on casino winnings based on the Welcome Offer: it stops at $5,000 as a maximum withdrawal amount.

The Rock On & Spin Promotion

This popular Wild Chase Promotion guarantees a general rule here at House of Jack Casino: the more money you deposit into your account, the more free spins you receive as a courtesy. It’s tied to Rock n Roll music for some reason, which is the guiding musical choice at the casino. The onsite game code names are all after some of the most famous musicians that have ever lived, from Rock group Nirvana’s COBAIN, to the incomparable Jimi HENDRIX and John LENNON. There’s also Jim MORRISON. You get varying amounts of Free Spins that are based on the amount of money you deposit with each of these codes.

Choose Your Treasure Promotion

It’s Jack’s House, and he’s inviting you on a treasure hunt at his famous casino. The backdrop is Ancient Egypt, and the countless riches found in the otherwise forlorn desert sands. Trek to this land and go spelunking in the golden tombs to uncover the riches of a lifetime - or maybe settle for a couple of great treasures that you can use at the online casino.

The first one is a Bonus of 30% for a deposit of up to and including $100. The second one - your choice - is a cache of 25 Free Spins using the code: GOLD LAB.

Match Flash Back Promotion

Jack’s a dancer, and he invites you to join him on his romp across the stage in the virtual space. What does this entail, exactly, insofar as the money you can receive is concerned? First of all, with this promotion, you are eligible to receive an extra 25% on a deposit of $20 or more.

OR, you can choose the second option: 50% extra when you deposit at least $150. It’s known around these parts as a Disco Deal, and will have you styling across the dance floor without reservation.

Mystery Match Friday Promotion

There are few things more exciting than getting an unexpected stash of cash. This is what awaits you with the Mystery Match Bonus Promotion, and it happens at the end of the week - everyone’s favorite day, Friday! Unless, of course, you work on the weekends - then it might not be such a favorite day. Nonetheless, let House of Jack assuage your concerns with a Mystery Deposit Bonus prize. There’s no telling the exact amount until you check it out and open it. The best part is that the excitement remains fresh, since the bonus amount changes every week.

Weekend Slinger Promotion

The last of the bevy of great promotions at House of Jack Casinos. Your eponymous host is ponying up an offer that you simply cannot refuse (ignore the sense of foreboding that goes with that famous movie saying from The Godfather). This offer is a throwback to the frontiers land of the American West, where gunslingers and hard-scrabble men and women made their way out into the plains to start a new life.

If you make a deposit into your casino account any time between Saturday and Sunday, you receive a 35% Bonus award that’s good for deposits of up to $100, as well as 20 Free Spins to use on Sticky Bandits Slot. There’s even a sub-deal that promises you an extra 20 Free Spins if you log in on sunday and play a bit. If you like Video Slots at all, Sticky Bandit is a surefire success. Come on in and take advantage of these awesome Promotions!